How to Use T&D WebStorage Service

Procedures to start using T&D WebStorage Service

Easy as 1-2-3: Get Access to T&D WebStorage Service

  1. Get a User ID
    Access "Get a User ID" to get your own User ID now.
  2. Settings to be made in Compatible T&D Products for use with T&D WebStorage Service
    Once the User ID registration has been completed, your User ID, Password, and the access server information will be sent to you by e-mail.In order to receive transmissions of recorded data and current readings data it is necessary to use the above mentioned info to set the FTP server as directed in the manual(s) for the T&D product(s) being used.
     ( Setting Examples )
  3. Data Transmission
    Make settings in compatible products for the automatic transmission of data!
    Current Readings and Recorded Data from compatible products will be sent to the T&D WebStorage Service based upon the automatic transmission settings made in the products themselves.
    You can access the data transmitted to T&D WebStorage Service via your browser by logging onto your User's Page.

How to Use your User's Page

Here you can learn how to use the User's Page.

  1. Login to your User's Page
    >> Find out more about Logging in.
  2. User's Page Explanations
    Find out more about the various pages and what you can do after login.