T&D WebStorage Service Update (Watchdog Function)


T&D WebStorage Service has been updated with the following new feature.

1. Watchdog Function

The Watchdog function is for detecting devices with which communication has not been occurring. It monitors the communication status of target devices, and when any of them are out of communication for the set time period, a "Watchdog Alert" email will be sent. If non-communication continues after the sending of the first alert, a second mail will be sent upon reaching half of the set time period.

Watchdog Compatible Devices (as of January 29, 2016)

RTR-500NW/AW, RTR-500MBS-A, RTR-500GSM, RTR-500,
TR-71nw/72nw/72nw-H, TR-71wf/72wf/72wf-H,
TR-701NW/702NW/702NW-H, TR-701AW/702AW/702AW-H

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