T&D WebStorage Service Update (Multi-Graph Feature)


T&D WebStorage Service has been updated with the following new feature.

Feature to overlay multiple graphs in one window (Current Readings Page)

Follow the steps below.

  1. In the Current Readings page, click the Multi icon.

  2. Click the GRAPH icon for the device you wish to view data for in graph.

  3. Add further devices by clicking the GRAPH icon for those devices.
    Note: Up to 5 devices can be selected.

  4. Click the Display icon to open a graph window.
    Note: When two or more devices are selected, the Multi icon will change to the Display icon.

  5. Data for the selected devices will be overlaid in one window.
    Note: When you open a graph window, the measurement item with the highest occurrence will be initially displayed.
    In the sample below, temperature data for the selected devices has been displayed. To add other measurement items, click the grayed-out channels on the left hand side of the graph area.

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