What You Can Do with T&D WebStorage Service

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What You Can Do with
"T&D WebStorage Service"

The Dashboard

The Watch List allows you to monitor the devices you have registered. Up to 18 devices can be registered.

  • Dashboard_01

    Click "+" to open the Watch List Settings window.

  • Dashboard_02

    Select the device and click "Add".

  • Dashboard_03

    The device has been added to the Watch List. To remove from the list, click "-" in the upper right corner of the box.

Data View

You can visualize the data in a list or graph. “Cluster View” allows you to view devices in cluster group.

It is also possible to compare data of multiple devices on a graph.

  • Data View_01

    Feature to overlay multiple graphs in one window.

  • Data View_02

    Monitor selected devices in Cluster View.

Device Settings

You can check (or change) settings information such as the device name, recording interval, and upper/lower limit.

Device Settings

EX : TR-71wf (Setting items vary depending on the product model)

Alert View

When alert conditions are detected on the configured devices, the Alert Notification Box will appear as shown below. Clicking this box will take you to the Alert View, where you can check details of current alerts, recovered alerts, and the alert log.

By clicking "OK" for the alert (current or recovered), it will be moved to the "Alert Log" and will no longer be displayed in the Alert Notification Box.

  • Alert View_01

    Display in the Alert Notification Box and on the Alert View Menu.

  • Alert View_02

    "My Alerts" Tab: Check the details of current alerts (in red) and recovered alerts (in blue).

  • Alert View_03

    "Alert Log" Tab: The checked alerts will be moved here.

Account Management

You can check and change various settings for your account, such as the registered email address and password.Also, the "Read-Only ID" which provides read-only access to data can be created here.

Data Download

You can download recorded data as well as delete from the WebStorage server.

Data Download

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