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By having your data sent to and stored on the T&D WebStorage Service from any of our compatible products, the data can then be accessed for viewing and downloading via an Internet browser from anywhere, anytime.

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T&D WebStorage Service monitors measurements to determine if there is a value that exceeds the set upper/lower limit (Alert Function). The alert will be notified to users with an "alert" icon and color coded values in the graph. Depending on the model being used, it is possible to monitor measurement items other than temperature, such as humidity, voltage, current, and pulse.

By using our newly released graph software "T&D Graph" , it is possible to open the T&D WebStorage data just as opening a local file, and use various features such as an advanced search function and data filtering.

Storage Capacity Doubled to 20MB
T&D WebStorage Service has extended the available data storage capacity from 10MB to 20MB.
Check Conditions of Data Loggers
It is possible to check the current conditions of data loggers such as battery level and radio signal strength between Base Unit and Remote Unit.

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