T&D WebStorage Service

Access Data 
Anytime, Anywhere.

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Available Free of Charge!

By having your data sent to and stored on the T&D WebStorage Service from any of our compatible products,
the data can then be accessed for viewing and downloading via an Internet browser from anywhere, anytime.

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Compatible Products

Temperature Monitoring 24/7

T&D WebStorage Service monitors measurements and alerts you
via email when the temperature goes out of the set range.

Temperature Monitoring for 24 Hours(1)
Temperature Monitoring for 24 Hours(2)

* Depending on the model being used, it is possible to monitor measurement items other than
temperature, such as humidity, voltage, current, and pulse.

Enhance Convenience with Various Apps

From PC to mobile,
you can access data in the cloud seamlessly across your devices.

T&D Thermo

(Mobile Application for TR-7wb/nw/wf Series)

T&D Thermo
The T&D Thermo App allows users of TR-7wb/nw/wf Series loggers to access T&D WebStorage Service, and carry out direct wireless communication between mobile devices and TR-7wb/wf loggers.


(Mobile Application for TR4 Series)

ThermoREC enables TR4 Series logger settings, data monitoring, graph display, and data upload to T&D WebStorage Service via BLE (Bluetooth low energy).

T&D Graph

(Windows Software)

T&D Graph
T&D Graph is a high performance graph software which allows you to download and analyze the T&D WebStorage data.

T&D WebStorage Viewer

(Web Application)

T&D WebStorage Viewer
This web application allows you to view data from your PC and mobile devices with an Internet connection.